Lockers are bots, scripts, other contracts, or simply EOA accounts that trigger events. This can be submitting a signed TX on behalf of a third party, calling a transaction at a specific time, or more complex functionality.

Each time you execute such a function, you are rewarded in either ETH, tokens, or the systems native token LK3R. The maximum amount of LK3R receivable is gasUsed + premium (configured by governance).

Jobs might require lockers that have a minimum amount of bonded tokens, have earned a minimum amount of fees, or have been in the system longer than a certain period of time.

At the most simple level, they simply require a locker to be registered in the system.

Becoming a Locker

To become a locker, you simply need to call bond(address,uint), no funds are required to become a locker, however certain jobs might require a minimum amount of funds.

/** * @notice begin the bonding process for a new locker * @param bonding the asset being bound * @param amount the amount of bonding asset being bound */function bond(address bonding, uint amount) external

After waiting BOND days (default 3 days) and you can activate as a locker;

/** * @notice allows a locker to activate/register themselves after bonding * @param bonding the asset being activated as bond collateral */function activate(address bonding) external

Removing a Locker

If you no longer wish to participate you can unbond to deactivate.

/** * @notice begin the unbonding process to stop being a locker * @param bonding the asset being unbound * @param amount allows for partial unbonding */function unbond(address bonding, uint amount) external

After waiting UNBOND days (default 14 days) you can withdraw any bonded assets

/** * @notice withdraw funds after unbonding has finished * @param bonding the asset to withdraw from the bonding pool */function withdraw(address bonding) external

Additional Requirements

Some jobs might have additional requirements such as minimum bonded protocol tokens (for example SNX). In such cases you would need to bond a minimum amount of SNX before you may qualify for the job.